New Security at MLB games in 2014

Reports are coming out the MLB will change the security measures in 2014.
Metal detectors will be used at MLB stadiums. Hopefully the rules will not change as far as bags go. That would affect us graphers from bringing binders, balls, etc into the stadium to get signed.
The NFL does not allow backpacks. NFL will allow clear plastic/vinyl bags no larger then 12"x6"x12". These bags do not allow for much room to carry things in

The most organized stadium I've seen is in Baltimore. 2 years ago I attended a game and they had bag searches prior to opening the stadium gates. After your bag is searched a colored zip ties is attached to a strap. Each day the color changes. Then when the gates open you show the bag at the gate with the zip tie and it shows security that your bag was searched. I think this type of bag search should be used at all sports events. It also helps speed up the entrance time into a stadium.

I'm going to the Giants @ Redskins game next Sunday night. I do not expect to auto's. But, I will take pictures and post a picture type blog.

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