Reds @ Mets.....

Its been awhile since I've posted. I did very little graphing over the winter. Work was more important

The best part of the year has arrived. Baseball Season!!!
I went to the Mets game on April 4th when the Reds where in town. I usually do not go to baseball games this early in the season. Usually because of the weather and the 4th was a great reason. It rained and it was in the high 30's by game time.

I got to the stadium around 2:30, which was to late for all of the Mets but Dillon Gee who turned the 4 of us down. Then the rain came.
A few of us hungout inside the Mets team store as it rained. It stopped for awhile and 1 of the guys I was with noticed Joey Votto as he came off of the subway.  He stopped and signed for everyone. Didn't have much to say though. I got him on a OMLB. But, for some reason my ballpoint was not working well that day. I think it was the weather. Not sure because I had tested the pens earlier.

When the gates opened it was lightly raining. But, I still decided to head down to the field anyway. Most of the pitching staff and a few of the middle infielders were throwing. A few guys started to sign. But, It was raining too much to get cards signed. Anthony Recker, Omar Quintanilla, John Lannan, Andrew Brown, and Kyle Farnsworth all signed in the rain. Not one of us graphers bothered. Most of the kids had cheap balls signed with sharpies and others had the giveaway which was a t-shirt signed.
By that time my friend called and said he was in the stadium.
It continued to rain throughout the game and we left around the 5th inning.
I did not  bring my camera. But, took this shot with my phone. For those who have never been to Citi Field. The bridge in right center is names after Shea Stadium and this logo is painted on the floor of the bridge.

Not a good start to the season.

I'm going to the Mets game again this Friday and plan on graphing. Hopefully the weather will be better.
On saturday the Ducks are holding the annual Fan Fest. Gates open around 10:30 and a spring training game vs. the Bridgeport Bluefish starts at 1:30. Both teams have plenty of new players. So, hopefully it will be a good day for graphing.

Thanks for Looking and Check back soon!