Riversharks @ Ducks

Game 8 on the season was yesterday when the Camden Riversharks played the Ducks to finish out a 3 game series. On Sunday's at Bethpage Ballpark the Ducks hold there 15 minute autograph session on the field before the game.
Eric Niesen, 2 cards. Eric was a 3rd rd pick in 2007 by the Mets. Has also pitched in the Red Sox system and has pitched in as high as AAA.
Steve Foucault, 1 card. Steve was a 43rd rd pick in 1969 by the Washington Senators. He is a 6 year major league vet  and pitched for the Rangers, Tigers and a brief stint in 1978 with the Royals after spending most of the season with the Tigers. Steve is currently the Ducks pitching coach.
Buddy Harrelson, 1 card
Steve Garrison, 1 card
Jon Myers, 1 card
Brad Holt, 1 card.
Jeremy Accardo, 4 cards. Jeremy signed with the Giants in 2003 as an amateur free agent. He is an 8 year major league vet who has pitched for the Giants, Jays, O's and most recently the Indians and A's in 2012.
Dan Lyons, 8x10
Keith Castillo, 8x10, Keith signed as an  amateur free agent in 2011 with the Rays and has played in as high as AA before signing with the Ducks.
Fehlandt Lentini, 8x10. Fehlandt was a 41st rd pick in 1996 by the Rangers. He played in the Astros system getting as high as AA. Has been playing playing in the various Indy leagues since 2004, with a couple of stints in the Mexican League
Adam Bailey, 8x10
Cody Puckett, 8x10
Brett Lorin, Jared & Josh Lansford & Brad Holt, 8x10
Brett Lorin, Brett was a 5th rd pick in 2008 by the Mariners. He has also pitched in the Pirates and D-Backs system and getting as high as AAA in 2013. Brett also pitched for Israel in the 2013 World Baseball Classic.
On the Riversharks side I got the following,
Wynn Pelzer, 1 card. Wynn was a 9th rd pick in 2007 by the Padres. Has also pitched in the O's system getting as high as AAA. Wynn also pitched for the Ducks in 2012.
Bryant Nelson, 1 card. Bryant was and still is a Ducks Fan favorite and was also a key player in helping the Ducks winning back to back ATL championships in 2012 and 2013. He was a 44th rd pick in 1993 by the Astros. Has also played baseball in Japan, Italy and Mexico. Bryant is a 19 year vet who played in 25 games in 2002 with the Red Sox. Has also played in the Cubs, D-Backs, White Sox, Pirates and Jays system. It was strange to see Bryant in another uniform other than the Ducks.

This Thursday I start my short trip that will start in Scranton, then I head to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame Classic and then I plan on Binghamton. Hopefully it will be a great few days of graphing.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back soon