Yankees @ Mets

Game 7 this year was last night which was game 4 of the home at home series between the Yankees and Mets. This was also the last regular season game for Derek Jeter at Citi Field. The gave Jeter a gift and also a check before the game.
I couldn't get to the stadium early enough to graph the Mets parking lot and knowing the Yankees take a team bus. I only brought Mets stuff with me.
The only players to sign on the Mets were pitchers Jenrry Mejia and Rafael Montero.
 My last minute Logo Sheet

The 3rd base side was packed with people hoping to get a Yankee Autograph and I did not see one Yankee sign.
Since the Mets were going on the road I decided not to bother with the Mets parking lot after the game.

 Jeter taking BP
 Ichiro and Dice-K during BP
 Ichiro during BP
 Jacob DeGrom throwing in the outfield before the game.
 Juan Centeno before the game
 Chase Whitley warming up before the game
 Curtis and Chris hanging out during a pitching change
 Yankees pitchers walking to the bullpen

The scoreboard during Jeter's last AB at in Citi Field

My next outing should be this weekends Ducks game. Sunday is autograph day at Bethpage Ballpark and next week I go on a trip to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame Classic and possibly Scranton and Binghamton. Hope to do real well at the Classic

Thanks for Reading and Check Back soon!!!!