Patriots @ Ducks

Game 29 was this past Sunday. The Patriots and Ducks played the last game of the series before the Ducks went on the road. If you have been reading these posts you would know that Sundays at Bethpage Park is the day there is an autograph session before the game.
As the season comes to a close I have less and less for each of the teams. I had a handful of Ducks to get to finish the team set and one 8x10 for Daniel Hererra on the Patriots.
I got the following Ducks during the autograph session
Rob Whitenack, one team card and one 8x10. Rob was an 8th rd pick in 2009. Rob is also a Long Island Product from North Massapequa
Lew Ford, one team card
Bill Hall, one team card
Bobby Blevins, one team card. Bobby was a 13th rd pick in 2007. He is an 8 year minor league vet who has played in the Dodgers system getting as high as AAA.
I also added Ducks reliever David Kopp to the reprinted WBC scorecard I wrote about in a previous post.

On the Patriots I got Herrera on the 8x10.
Daniel Herrera was a 45th rd pick in 2006 by the Rangers. He pitched parts of 4 years in the majors with the Reds, Brewers and  most recently in 2011 with the Mets.

A National Anthem Standoff occurred. I noticed it at the last minute and Sergio Miranda reped for the Ducks. I'm not sure who reped the Patriots.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon