Steiner signing and Nats @ Mets

Yesterday was Game 38 on the season. But, before graphing the Mets parking lot before the game. I headed the Steiner Store at the local mall. Featured today was former 86 Mets, Ron Darling and Sid Fernandez and when you purchase for an autograph you get current Met utility man, Eric Campbell free.
I had started a Mets replica 86 Mets WS tix a month or so ago and I already had Darling. So, I just got Sid and then I got Campbell on an 8x10.

After the Steiner signing we head to Citi hoping to graph the parking lot. The weather was threatening all day and we were able to get 11 autographs before the rain came.
Daisuke Matsuzaka, 8x10. Since the pic had a dark background I wanted to try something different than silver or gold. I wanted to try a color similar to the Tier One cards with the rose ink. I have a couple of SRX's and decided to use a what I thought was a red or pick. But, turned out to be purple. Not what I originally wanted. But, it came out great.

Josh Edgin, 1 card
Gonzalez German, 1 card
Jenrry Meija, 1 card
Rafael Montero, 1 card
Daniel Murphy, 1 card

I had started getting a Logo sheet last time I graphed the parking lot, Meija was on it already and I added the following yesterday
Juan Centeno
Josh Satin
Buddy Carlyle
Anthony Recker

Things were a little different today. The security guard would indicate to us who would sign. Not sure if he knew ahead of time or what. Because players like Duda, Kirk and EY, Jr who would normally sign,  Didnt.
Just as it started raining Bartolo arrived and signed 1. But, I already had my stuff packed in my bag so nothing would get wet
I'm sure I would have gotten more auto's. Because players like Grandy and Abreu had not arrived yet.

By the time the gates opened it had stopped raining. So, we headed down on the 1st base side. Montero and Dario Alvarez started to sign and neither of them would sign my logo sheet. Alvarez who does not seem to speak english had a security guard tell me he would not sign it because it had a white background.  
We waited around a little longer and then it started to rain again and it never stopped

So, I finished with 11 autographs. This brings my total for the IP season to 638.

 Our seats were in the upper deck about 10 rows up. But, with the rain we went to the 3 to last row from the top to try to stay dry. This gave me a vantage point I've never seen at Citi.

 Pepsi Porch
 Jayson Werth warming up pregrame
 Wheeler, d'Arnaud and Warthen walking to the mound before the start up the game 

Next game should be a Ducks game. With the Ducks most likely not making the playoffs, I probably only have 2 or 3 more chances to graph. 

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!