A couple of local signings and an addition to my Mets Collection

In the past couple of weeks I've attended a local show and then a couple of signings at Steiner.

I had started a Yankee Stadium seat back and recently added Wade Boggs and Darryl Strawberry

At the show I got Boggs, I also got Jose Canseco on a copy of the Mitchell Report. Jose didn't seem thrilled to sign it. I also asked him to add "Godfather of Steroids"
I had sent an email request to George Mitchell, the copy arrived within a couple of weeks and Mr. Mitchell signed the inside cover for me.

The Steiner signing that had Strawberry also had Keith Hernandez.

I also added a few autographs to my Logo Level Shea Seat Back. Pat Zachary, Jon Matlack and Dave Kingman.

Today Steiner had a free signing that featured Actor Corbin Bernson who played Roger Dorn in the 1989 comedy, Major League. In 1994 a sequel Major League II and in 1998 Major League, Back to the Minors.
Mr. Bernsen has almost 200 credits as an actor, producer, director, etc.

I also added a GU Locker Name Plate to my Mets Collection, Eric Campbell Camo Plate

This Friday the Ducks have there Home opener, then Saturday the plan is to graph the Met game and then I'm hoping to get to the Ducks game on Sunday which will be the first autograph session of the season.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!