2015 Cyclones Mens Camp

This year while at previous game someone mentioned to me that the Cyclones hold what they call a Mens Camp. Which I would call a Fantasy camp.Which was held this past Saturday and Sunday.
The 2 day event also includes 2 tix to the Sunday game, a nice Jersey, a hat, and lunch on Saturday. They took a head shot that they posted on the scoreboard and asked us for walk-up music. Which they did not even play .

Day 1 was a combine type event that started with fielding practice and then batting practice. Teams were selected at the end of the day.
I've been playing softball for the last 18 years or so. So, when it came to hitting a baseball it took me a little time to adjust.. The softball I play with is yellow which makes the ball easier to pick up.

 View from the Cage

 Visitors Locker Room
 Me on the Scoreboard

 View from the Visitors Dugout
 Cyclones Dugout
Me in the Visitors Dugout

Day 2 was the game that was held between 9am and 12:30. Before the game even started I was traded because I told them I do not play the outfield.
Each team was coached by a current Cyclone player. My team had Wil Fulmer a 2nd basement and the other team had Tucker Tharp, a centerfielder.
Team Fulmer won 12-8 and I was 3 for 4 with 1 RBI.
I had a bloop hit into shallow center field in my first AB, Then I grounded out to the 3rd basemen in my 2nd AB, my 3rd AB I hit I line drive into the gap in left center that rolled to the wall. Since I lack speed, what should have been a double turned into a long single and in my final AB I hit a line drive between short and 3rd for a single.
For most of the game I DHed and played a couple of innings playing 2nd. Which was interesting, since I'm really a 1st basemen. My one shot to shine at 2nd did't go as planned. I had a chance to turn a double play and I underhanded the ball to the shortstop and the ball when over his head. So, I will not be playing 2nd for the Mets anytime soon.
The innings I DHed I got a chance to talk to Wil Fulmer abit. He is a real cool guy. We talked baseball and he told us he grew up in the Tampa area and was a Yankee fan.
When you hear on TV that the temp is 10-15 degrees warmer. Its no joke. It was brutal. Even though the stadium is basically on the ocean. The field is a little lower than the stands and the breeze is not felt on the field at all.

After the game the tickets for the Cyclones game were handed out and then a Game MVP was announced, the MVP was invited on the field to throw out the first pitch.
It was not till almost game time that we found out the group of us would be brought onto the field to take part in the pregame ceremony.
While on the field I had about 10 minutes before the National Anthem to get autographs from the Cyclones and getting autographs had never been so easy. I just wish it was Citi Field.

For the $125 the whole experience is well worth it and I look forward to going back next year.

I will post shortly on how I did at the Cyclones game soon

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!!!