Mets at Orioles

Since I did so bad as far as graphing goes I will write one post for Games 30 and 31 on the season.
Last Tuesday and Wednesday I drove down to Baltimore to see the Mets play the O's in a 2 game series
I had thought the Mets would sign better on the road. But, that was not the case. Atleast at the stadium they did not sign well.
From what I had heard, The Mets signed alot at the team hotel and the Mets got to Baltimore a day before the series started.
I've never done a team hotel. But, did give it a shot the morning of the game 2. But, not many players signed that morning I guess it was get away day.
I did have a chance to get Matt Harvey the morning of Game 1 outside Camden. But, was turned down and there was only 4 of us graphing
I did get the following

Terry Collins, 2 cards
Eric O'Flaherty, 2 cards. Eric was a 6th rd pick in 2003 by the Mariners. Eric has pitched for the Mariners 2006-2008, Braves 2009--2013, A's 2013-2014 and recently came to the Mets in a trade
Sean Gilmartin, 1 card

T.J. McFarland, 1 card. T.J. was a 4th rd pick in 2007 by the Indians and was drafted in the Rule V by the Orioles in 2012. T.J. has spent the last 3 seasons in the majors with the O's
Nolan Riemold,  1 card. Nolan was a 2nd rd pick in 2005 by the O's. This is Nolan's 2 stint with the O's after spending the 2009-2013 seasons in Baltimore and was then spent parts of 2014 season with the Jays and D-Backs before signed with the O's before the 2015 season.

After getting the 7 cards signed it brings my season total to 630 autographs

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!