NY Giants and a Blog Milestone.......

Back in September and October the NY Giants and Stop and Shop, which is a local supermarket in the NY Tri-State Area had various former Giants appear and sign autographs for free. I did not attend as many sessions as I did last year since most of the players were the same as last season.
There was an appearance in Staten Island, which should have been about a 1.5 hr trip for me. But, with traffic it turned out to be a 2.5 hr trip. According to the Giants website Bill Ard was to appear. When I arrived Joe Morris was there signing autographs. Most of these signs I was having the Giants sign a Giants Stadium Seat Back. But, I had already had Morris on the seat and was pretty annoyed. I asked a Stop and Shop employee about it and was told that the Bill Ard was replaced 3 weeks earlier. But, the website was not updated.
I didn't want to leave without an autograph so I hit the local Models and Dicks Sporting Goods and neither carried Giants Mini-Helmets or anything else I was interested in getting sign by Morris.
So, I headed home with nothing. A round trip of 5hrs, tolls and gas was wasted.
When I got home I sent an email to the Giants not really expecting anyone to respond. A few days later I received an email with an apology from someone in the Giants public relations dept.  In the email I was told I could send anything to the Giants and Bill Ard would sign them with postage paid.
I didn't want to risk sending the seat back which already had 14 players autographs already. So, I asked for a photo signed.
After a few weeks I received a Fed Ex package that included 2 photos signed by Bill Ard. 1 was personalized to me and the other was just signed. The photos were not on photo paper. But, on the post card type paper. I guess its better than nothing. Since I never expected to get anything

Bill Ard was drafted in the 8th rd in 1981 by the Giants. Bill was a guard with the Giants from 1981-1988 and played in the Super Bowl in 1987. and then went on to play with the Packers 1989-1991

I also recently reached a milestone here with my Blog. I just reached 80k page views. I've written 229 posts which I started in January of 2012.

I'd like to Thank everyone for reading over the last few years. I do plan to continue writing posts and hopefully I have a great 2016 IP baseball season.

Thanks again for reading and Check Back Soon!!!!