Insane Box Break.....

As I mentioned in my last my post about case/box breaks.  I've been buying into breaks for a few years now. I have 3 or 4 different breakers I buy from. Both website based and ebay based.
One of the ebay breaks I've been buying from does breaks a little different than most.
He has a 1 Jerseys or a 1 autograph mini helmet with a 1 pack of cards. The jersey is an authentic autograph jersey which is also certified. Both Hit Parade and Leaf feature the jerseys and mini helmets. The 1 pack of cards is usually a mid range high end pack of cards that usually consists of 2 to 5 cards.
The cost of buying into these breaks is much cheaper than buying into a full case of cards.
Typically the break costs between $3 to $25.
Keep in mind the Jersey or mini helmet would cost between $100 to $200 alone and the pack of cards could cost between $50 to $100. alone.
So far I have hit 2 jerseys and a few cards. No mini helmets.

The first jersey I hit a few weeks ago was this Jose Reyes Authentic Blue Jays jersey

This jersey came with a MLB hologram. The autograph is pretty hard to see in the photo. But, if you look close enough you can see the autograph in black sharpie on the vertical part of the 7.
I was pretty excited.  to get this jersey since its my first certified autograph jersey and Reyes is a former Met.
Unfortunately a few days after getting the jersey, reports surfaced that Jose Reyes beat his wife and is being suspended by MLB. His suspension will depend on the outcome of the trial.
I only paid $4 and change for the Blue Jays in this break. But, probably spent $50 in total after buying numerous teams. I did pretty well after spending $50.though.

I do have 12 autographed jerseys. Non have a COA or LOA.

After winning the Reyes jersey I continued to buy similar breaks and maybe won a few autograph cards. Nothing crazy.

Then a few weeks later I hit the mother load as far as I'm concerned.
Since I'm a Mets fan I continued to by the Mets along with some other teams. I won a few Mets cards along the way.
Then one night I was watching this break live and as soon as the box was opened I knew it was a Pedro Martinez

The jersey comes with a JSA Cert and as soon as the jersey came in the mail I plugged the JSA No. into the database to make sure it was legit. Its good. I would have preferred if the certification was PSA or MLB. But, I'll take it
I'm thinking of having the jersey framed and I talked to someone at a show about the cost. Its not cheap. Depending on the options I go with it could cost up to $325. I will def. go with the UV glass option for the extra $30. I was also thinking of having a ball mounted in the frame which makes things more expensive because instead of a frame. It gets mounted in a shadow box.

In my last post explaining case breaks. I had mentioned that some breakers send hobby packs or low end hits if you do not get anything out of the break.  Last week I bought into a 2015 Topps Supreme break and did not get any hits. So, the breaker sent me a back of 2013 Prizm. I never expect anything good out of these packs. But, I got a a huge surprise out of this pack. I got the Jose Abreu you see below. The card is numbered to 99 and the BV is $80. A couple of years ago the card would have been worth about $150. So, I'm hoping he starts playing well. Because this card along with a few others is going to Beckett for grading.

While I'm writing the post I might as well show off another new addition to my memorabilia collection.
This is a GU Locker name plate from the 2011 season while Sean Burroughs played for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Sean is currently a Long Island Duck after coming over the Bluefish in a late last season in a trade.
Sean was a 1st round pick (9th overall) and has played parts of 7 seasons in the majors with the Padres 2002-2005, Rays 2006, D-Backs 2011 and Twins 2012. His best season being in 2003, he played in 146 games and had 7 homers and batted .286.  Sean's father Jeff was also a 1st rd pick. Jeff was drafted in the 1969 draft by the Washington Senators who won the 1974 AL MVP and was a 2x All-Star.
I'm sure I will get it signed sometime this season. Sean is very fan friendly.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!