CT Tigers at Cyclones

Game 26 on the season for me was this past Saturday in Brooklyn. The Tigers affiliate was in town for a 3 game series. This was game 2 of 3 games.
I had a couple of goals. Kyle Funkhouser has cards and the Tigers Hitting coach is Mike Hessman has cards that were just put out even though he retired from playing.
I missed out on my goals for the night. But, started a Logo sheet like I usually do for the NY-Penn League teams and got the following
Oswaldo Castillo, 2013 Free Agent
Emanuel Chavez, 2012 Free Agent
Andres Sthormes, 2013 Free Agent
Locke St. John, 2014 32nd rd pick
Mark Ecker, 2016 5th rd pick
Alfred Gutierrez, 2012 Free Agent
John Hayes, 2016 25th rd pick
Zac Houston, 2016 11th rd pick
Eduardo Jimenez, 2012 Free Agent
Clate Schmidt, 2016 20th rd pick
John Schreiber, 2016 15th rd pick
Gregory Soto, 2013 Free Agent

After getting these few Tigers I headed over to the Cyclones side. I still need a few of the players and coaches to finish the Cyclones Logo Sheet. But, didn't get them this time and got the following Cyclones on my 8x10's
Justin Dunn, Justin had not pitched yet. But, I managed to get a shot of him in the dugout
Blake Tiberi
Nick Sergakis

Just before I left I headed out of the stadium down the line and for those not familiar with MCU Park. The walkway that leads you out of the ballpark is about 12 to 15 above the bullpen. The relievers in the bullpen set up cups next to prizes and if you can get a quarter in a cup you win the prize. The prizes vary. This time they had a ball, then a little further out was GU hat, then a pair of GU cleats. I threw out 2 quarters and one bounced into the cup for the ball. Dillon Becker offered the ball signed and I was not turning that down. What I didn't expect was that he passed the ball around the bullpen. The ball has the following players on it.
Joseph Zanghi
Austin McGeorge
Justin Dunn
Adam Atkins
Gabriel Feliz
Dillon Becker
Raul Jacobson
Alejandro Castro
I intend on bringing the ball back for the next game and just continue to get it signed.

I finished the night out with 23 autographs. Def. could have gotten more. But, decided not to stay and graph after the game.

I have one more game to write a post about

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!