Game 2 Nationals at Mets, Harvey Garden Gnome

Game 2 on the 2017 season was yesterday Saturday April 23rd. I typically stay away from MLB games in April due to the weather. The weather for this game was not great. Early in the week when I bought a tix, the weather looked good. But, that changed overnight. The big reason I went to this game was the Matt Harvey Garden Gnome, I have the last 2 that were given out. Syndergaard and deGrom
I hesitated going to Citi early. But, last time I didn't go the weather turned out good and I missed out.
Game time was 4pm. So, I got to the stadium at 9am.
When I got to the stadium there were 4 guys who I know, already waiting. I only missed Tom Goodwin the Mets 1st base coach.  When I graph MLB games I do not expect to many players to sign and today was no different. Some players do not even respond when you ask for them to sign, some wave and the others says "Sorry Not today" .
Today the usual guys signed with 1 surprise. Neil Walker, I had just picked up a nice 8x10 and had him sign that.
The other autographs I got were Terry Collins, 2 cards, Josh Edgin, 2 cards and Jerry Blevins, 1 card.
T.J. Rivera also signed. But, I had nothing for him and Rene Rivera signed a few. But, stopped before getting to me. Other than that no one else signed.
The rain started. So, I got online to get into the stadium a little earlier than usual. But, the lines grew fast given the promotion. So, it was a good I got online sooner than usual.
The rain picked up and never stopped before game time. So, there was no graphing inside before the game. The rain slowed down a little. But, for the most part it rained all game. Around the 3rd inning I was getting a little cold. So, I headed up to the Foxwoods Club to get something to eat and get warm.
With the rain I didn't graph outside after the game.

 Since it was free I got the quick messy autograph

Something I've been doing at Mets games the last couple of seasons is doing the grab bag that the Mets offer at the Game Used booth located on the main concourse. I bought 2 grab bags and did ok considering what I could have gotten.  Todays I got a Daryl Strawberry autograph 8x10 with MLB authetication and a spring training locker name plate of Champ Stuart, for those who are not familar with Champ, he is a OF prospect who is currently in AA Binghamton.  I'm hoping to get it signed if Champ is not promoted to Vegas when I see them

Some game photos I did manage to take
 Homerun Apple
 Jay Bruce
 T.J. Rivera

 pregame warmup

 National Anthem

 deGrom from my seat in 109
Josh Edgin from the Club level

Todays haul was small with the just 6 autographs, this brings my season total to 53 for 2017. 
The Ducks home opener is this coming Friday. I most likely attend Sundays Ducks game since it will be the first pregame autograph session for the season. I have some of my own pics I took to get signed.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!