Game 3 New Britain Bees at Ducks, Ducks Home Opener

Game 3 on the season was this past Friday night. Bees at Ducks for the home opener and a Rich Hill Bobblehead was given away. Rich Hill pitched 3 games for the Ducks in 2015 before his contract was purchased by the Red Sox.
I had nothing for the Ducks since I got everything done before the Spring Training game and the Bees do not have many guys with cards.
My goal for the night was former Major League Pitcher Brandon League. League signed early for a couple of guys who noticed him running in the outfield.  I asked him as he came into the dugout after his run and he said he would get us when he came out. But, when he came out he had his hood up on his sweatshirt and snuck past us.
The Starting pitcher for the game was former Phillie prospect Jonathan Pettibone, typically the starting pitchers for Atlantic League games sign prior to the game. But, Pettibone said "Not Today"
I did manage to get Mike Hepple, 1 card. Former Mets pitching prospect and Eric Fornataro, 1 card, former Nationals prospect
These 2 autos bring my season total to 55

I attended 3 games during the weekend, this was the first

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