Jeter, A-Rod, LT, Rodman and Richter.......

Its that time of the year. Baseball season has started and the Ducks had a Spring Training game today vs the Bluefish as usual.
But,  before I write a post on how I did I have to write a post about some past free signings and a huge pull out of mystery items from Steiner.

First up is a viewing party for a Rangers game I attended at Dan Rooney's Pub at Empire Casino in Yonkers a few weeks ago. The Rangers have held numerous viewing parties during the season at a few different spots. Other that Dan Rooney's  they were also held at some bar in NYC. Not being a Ranger fan I didn't find many of the parties worth attending. Each of the parties featured a former Ranger that would take pics and sign autographs. I finally decided to hit one of them with a couple of friends. The party had Ranger Great Mike Richter signing.
Richter was like a machine and signed pretty much anything you had and he signed for other 2.5 hrs that night. It took us over an hour to get to him in line and afterwards we ate in Dan Rooney's and when we left Richter was still signing.

Next up was a paid signing at a show.  I've been saving a blank Giants stadium seatback for Giants Great Lawrence Taylor. Paid $100 for the auto and $29 for an inscription. The signing was more organized than expected. They called number rather than first come first serve. I had number 14. They called 1 thru 10 and after over an hour they still had not called additional numbers. I soon found out why. LT was drunk off his ass and taking his sweet time signing. He was giving out extra inscriptions and was pretty good with the kids. But, his speech was slurred and he was eating cookies out of a bag while signing while signing. 
When I got to the table I told him the seatback was just for him and asked him to add Super Bowl Champs. He also added HOF. Which was great. But, when he signed he hit the raised part of the seatback around the perimeter and Champs got messed up.  
I complained to the promoter and was told they couldn't control him

Next up was a free signing at a car dealership in New Jersey featuring the very colorful Dennis Rodman.  I took somewhat of a risk driving 2.5 hrs to get Rodman. Because there was no guarantee he would sign outside items. It was not announced till he arrived he would sign 2 per for everyone. But, no inscriptions. I got to the signing about 2.5 hrs early, set up a folding chair and ran into the same people I always do at theses signings. I figured Rodman would sign somekind of abbreviated autograph. But, his signature came out great. For the first time I used paint pens. On the ball I used silver prisma on the ball and a blue deco on the photo. The blue came out great on the dark background and Rodman even commented on how it looked.
I plan on taking the Rodman stuff to JSA.

Last but not least I leave the Best for last. 
I'm sure you have all heard of Steiner Sports. I'm lucky enough that there store is in a mall 5 minutes from my office. Once in while I go to lunch at the mall and hit up the store
A while back Steiner started to put out mystery products, they have football minihelmets, baseballs, hockey pucks and 8x10 photos that feature all sports. I've bought more of  them I'd like to admit to buying and have not really done all that great. I did get a Le'von Bell mini helmet and a David Wright Baseball. But, everything else was not worth the $ they charge. Baseballs are $50, photos are $30 and mini helmets were $50. The mini helmets were limited.
A couple of weeks ago I bought a ball and an 8x10. I do not open the packages till I get to the car and it was a good thing I waited and was sitting down. 
I'm opening the 8x10 waiting to be disappointed and BAM, DEREK JETER!!! I had heard of people pulling the Core 4 players. But, didn't really believe it.
I have since got a frame for the Jeter and plan on keeping it for the moment

Next was the ball and at this point I really didn't care much who it was after pulling Jeter. But, I was pretty happy with who signed the ball, It was Alex Rodriguez!!

Not bad after spending $90. One thing is every time I buy these again. I'm pretty sure I will be disappointed!

As of now I do have a few baseball games planned. 2 bobblehead givaways for the Cyclones, Ducks home opener on April 29th and a game it Lakewood when the Columbia Fireflies come to town with Tim Tebow.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!!